Bible Studies

Priestly Garments for Glory & Beauty - Revised! Fully clothed with Him. This is the complete study guide for the Garments of the Priesthood. We have copyrighted it for our protection, however it is the property of the Holy Spirit and you may use and duplicate the materials. (or click on Priestly Garments button on left)

The Breastplate (The Priestly Garments - Part II) - Revised!  The Tribes & Stones.

The Revelation Series - Jesus revealed  New Chapters Added!

The Tabernacle - Life flows from the Holy of Holies (Spirit) into the Holy Place (Soul) and out to the Outer Court (Body). Complete redemption. Types and shadows of the now!

Abraham's Seed   - Truth concerning who the children of Abraham really are!

The Finished Work  -  So great a salvation! 

The 42nd Generation -  If not Jesus, then who? 

The Light - Who He Is!  

Symbolic Language  - Types and Shadows

The Vine & Branches- I in you and you in Me!

Kingdom of God -What is it & where is it?

The New Birth- What does it really mean?

The Holy Spirit - Not given by measure!

The Candlestick- Just one talent!

Spiritual vs. Temporal Authority - Do we understand it?

Be Ye Transformed - Renewing the mind!

The Seven Spirits of God - The fullness of the Holy Spirit

Christ In You - The hope of glory!

Fasting - Is it for today?



The Seed -  After its own kind!

Baptisms - Water, Holy Spirit, Fire, Martyrdom, Glory!

Mercy Seat - Ruling and reigning with Him!

Revelation of the Holy Spirit - Veil removed!

In Him, By Him, Through Him, Of Him - Everything!

The Blood - The life is in the blood!

A Garden Enclosed - Life of God hidden within!

The Forbidden Fruit - Doubt and unbelief!

Noah - Principle of Reconciliation and Blessing!

Gifts & Fruits of the Spirit - We received it all!

Body, Soul, & Spirit - The three are to be redeemed & be as one!

Seven Feasts of Israel - Where are we!

Principle of the Furnace - The formation of the fourth man!