Andre Lefebvre


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My art is first about journaling, trying to express, with the help of creative expression, what I record of my experience of life. It flows, I suspect, from an inner realm beyond words, a spiritual core of my being. Emotions share the same essence, a language formed in us before we were trained to identify and articulate the concepts and expressions of ourselves with a particular cultural and environmental language. The most ancient dialects we know are those of emotional response, and spiritual awareness.

"Improvisational and strongly evocative, I think my works reflect and express not only human emotions and experiences of a wide spectrum, but also contain within themselves a seed of something spiritual, the reaching out of my own human spirit to the Divine…at times, a scream over the vast ocean of unknown through dark nights of the soul... at other times, a gentle sigh finding rest in the presence of Love, saturated with worship. These improvisational moments are like quietly breathed prayers, as I both play and listen while allowing the sounds and concepts that come to me to flow forth into new melodies and ideas. Most of these works, musical, visual, and writings, have successfully weaved with Picture, Dance, Drama, Song, Healing Prayer, Meditation, Worship, Intercession, Spoken Word and Therapy."

Andre Lefebvre's release of the Holy Spirit within creates an atmosphere of 'quickening & habitation'.  This music is truly a 'precious ointment poured forth running even to the foot of the garments'.




SILENCE: Three years in the making, this new album explores even deeper the rich and vibrant power of instrumental music on the human spirit. Instrumental improvisations and spontaneous 'songs' … Dialogue with the heart in a womb of kindness, the virtue of silence tracing the contour of the present moment... For soaking, intercession, rest, devotion, healing, creativity, working, walking, driving, etc.  WILL STIR THE VERY RECESSES OF YOUR SPIRIT INTO THE SECRET PLACE!